About us

Accreo is a modern consulting company, providing companies and individual clients with dedicated tax and legal consulting, business restructuring and European consulting services.

The Accreo brand is characterized by a consistently high quality of provided services, by the tax and legal safety of the solutions proposed and by an added value unique in its kind, extremely important in order to ensure stability and effective company management in a constantly changing business environment. We focus on what is important for entrepreneurs, and this approach towards cooperation is certainly the reason why we have been assisting our clients for many years now in the daily management of company or family assets.

The distinctive feature of Accreo consultants is the flexible model of cooperation between expert groups representing various business lines, joining their forces to form project teams or working in fully autonomous groups, depending on our clients’ needs. This management mode enables us to adapt more flexibly to the needs of our clients and to offer best solutions to handle most complex legal and tax issues, to manage efficiently expert teams, while staying fully independent from auditing companies.

The carefully selected team of Accreo experts is our greatest asset. The effectiveness and efficiency of our services are backed by years of global experience and expertise of the founders and employees of the company, acquired since the very beginning of the free market economy in Poland. Our key specialists get actively involved in the substantive work of many business organizations and trade associations; they work closely with scientific authorities and specialists in many areas of the economy.

Common business values, synergy of services offered and expertise encompassing a wide array of different industries guarantee the effectiveness of our actions, thus creating a unique offer of modern consulting services in Poland.